More Online Casino Players in Last Year

By on 12/12/2017

During the last year the online gambling industry has been flourishing because the high-speed Internet becomes more and more available to increasing numbers of people. The quality of connection grows, and the casinos themselves use this opportunity to lure new clients. Gamers also have become more experienced due to sharing information in blogs and chats. They use gadgets with Wi-Fi to enjoy favourite games any time at any place.

For online casinos, 2017 was a successful year: the gambling market grew by 9%, as 85 countries around the world legalized online gaming. Betting in slot machines and other gambling accounted for 70% of all internet gambling revenues.

Gaming in the global network is very popular due to the wide variety of offers and comfortable gameplay without any restrictions. Slot machines that work online in China, Britain, USA, Austria, Germany, France and Italy have generated the greatest revenue. The total world revenue is up to $50 billion. It is expected that the global online gambling market will exceed $60 billion by 2020.

So, the major contributing factors for gaming flourishing in 2017 were:

  • Increase in gadgets accessibility;
  • Global spread of affordable high-quality Internet;
  • Innovations in IT;
  • Virtual Reality new challenge;
  • New payment options.

While the first two factors are understandable, let’s see what’s going on in online gambling due to high-tech progress.

Boom of New technologies

New technologies have a strong influence on the gaming market. Experts predict even more active development for mobile gaming. For the users’ benefit, only the best new products competed with each other in 2017. Data meant that players noticed and enjoyed the improvement in the quality of  gambling software.

Virtual Reality Appeal

The main surprise is virtual reality in online gambling. Due to the development of Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive and Playstation VR video slots and other online games became outstandingly spectacular and amazing.

New achievements in VR technology allow reproducing emotions and physiological impressions experienced by a person in a real casino. With the help of virtual reality glasses, everyone can already walk around the hall of a masterfully recreated gambling establishment, talk with the dealer and place bets at any gaming table.

Such giants of the gaming market as Microgaming, Novomatic, NetEnt, Topgame Technology Lucky VR, and others promise even more in the nearest future.

Bitcoin and Payment Dealers

New payment options became good contribution to the online casino boost in 2017. Bitcoin and third-party payment companies boomed last year offering players even more options than ever before.

But it will be fair to note that the development of the online gambling market is close to its maximum. And this is connected to the consolidation that was observed in the industry. In recent years, mergers of software gaming giants and major establishments have taken place more and more. In some cases, such steps are aimed at the achievement of strategic planning goals, in others – at survival, as some companies find it difficult to cope with the growing competition.

Anyway, last year brought a lot of excitement and winnings to global audience who enjoyed higher speed, better design, new visual effects and thrilling emotions while online gambling.