About WCFA

By on 08/18/2016

To all WCFA members, partners and colleagues.

Dear founding partners,
Dear members and supporters of the World Communication Forum Association,

As the President elect, I share a strong belief in the synergy of all WCFA members and partners. I am also confident in the organization’s business and social efficiency for the regular and honorary stakeholders, as well as for influencers or colleagues from the global communications industry.

The WCFA’s founding is a natural stage in the development of the annual WCFDavos summit.

For 6 years in a run, the WCFDavos community has quickly developed, uniting dedicated professionals who have today chosen the role of key change-drivers in the new communication world. These are colleagues who don’t look upon our profession just as a business service or source, but use it actively as a key force in the progress of humanity.

Today, we stand united in the foundation of a social non-profit organization, aiming to increase our professional community’s influence on the global development of the world.


The “Woodstock” of communications: a summit for trend-makers, in-house experts, consultants. The “Voice” of the profession: truly independent, truly international, truly experienced. The “Hands-on” preparation: challenges & opportunities of the global market.

Work Groups

Each accepted WCFA member automatically becomes a valuable part of the global professional community of the association and can immediately start suggesting work-initiatives, promoting local or regional projects, or collaborating with other members of the WCFA organization!

Founders, Executives, VP & Ambassadors

The World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) – the initiative of a group of dedicated influencers from Europe, Asia and Latin America. Its founders are distinguished communications professionals.

Law Statutes

WCFA is a non-profit organization governed by the official Statutes and also by Articles 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. The association is an organization of unlimited duration. It is neutral politically, non-denominational, with a head office in Davos.